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VVS Lockdown Challenge Taking Action

Vivo Vita Sport received so many donations after our LOCKDOWN Challenge post a few months ago.

Thank you to each and everyone who donated toward this project!

Last week we delivered cycling kit and bike parts to Baswa rebokamoso arts cycling in Limpopo. These guys are so committed to their community. Their biggest aim is to get kids of the streets, either through cycling or art, and also to grow cycling as a sport amongst their local communities.

Many of these cyclists cannot afford to buy a bicycle or cycling kit, and rely on donations made by the public

In some cases, Vivo Vita Sport and Partners, can assist these cyclists through donations, but for every one cyclist we can assist, there are ten more who would take up cycling in a flash, if they could.

Our aim is to give back to the community and to get more people on bikes. #PedallingTowardsHappiness


Email us if you can help in any of the following areas;

1. Donate your old kit

Bring us your old cycling kit, helmet, shoes and gloves and we’ll pass it on to someone who cannot afford to buy his/her own. Please make sure the kit is clean and repaired, if needed. In particular, there is a need for smaller sizes (suitable for children)

2. Donate your old/unused bicycle(s)

Do you perhaps have a bicycle gathering dust in the garage? Perhaps it is an old child’s play-bike, even one with training wheels? We know at least one person who’d love to put that bicycle to good use on a regular basis. Note: Bicycles must please be in good working order as most recipients cannot afford to fix a bicycle to get it in a roadworthy condition.

3. Donate your old spares/bicycle parts

Do you perhaps have spare parts gathering dust in the garage? Note: Parts must please be in working order in order for us to donate to be used to fix bicycles for those unable to afford the parts.

Let's make a difference! #YearOfGiving