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Team 446 - Their Epic Adventure Story

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Riders: Gys Malan & Karel Keyser

By: Gys Malan

This was going to be my 1st Epic, a dream 9 years in the making.

6 months of preparation, dedication and sacrifice, all leading up to March 15.

Less than 24hours from registration the event was cancelled, Karel and I were heartbroken and speechless.

Non the less we decided screw that, if live hands you Lemons, you make Lemonade

Having already booked and payed accommodation,

we set off to do our very own Epic Adventure;

7 days

776,76km (80% single track, and gravel)

15 200m vertical accent

26 973 calories burned

A week of true character building, perseverance and friendship.

Massive days in the saddle, with no waterpoints forcing us to be self efficient regarding our nutrition and hydration on the bike each day.

The USWE Outlander 2 ticked all our boxes.

Being able to carry 1.7L of fluids effortlessly we could easily stretch our days and explore more.

Not only is it unbelievably comfortable thanks to NoDancingMonkey technology,  but extremely easy to use.

What I noticed is that my hydration lasted much longer, because now I could drink whenever I want due to the simplicity of this setup.

Where I would normally have to wait for a nice piece of trail / road to drink, I would then squirt 1/4 of my bottle down my throat not knowing when I’ll get the opportunity again, but with the USWE I could drink on the most technical of terrain when ever I wanted, making the amounts consumed smaller but more frequent.

This hydration pack is definitely a game changer in the industry.

Gys Malan


Vivo Vita Sport & USWE Brand Ambassador

USWE South Africa 🇿🇦

#UsweInAfrica #teamvivovita #vivovitasport #gysmalan #karelkeyser

@gysrace @karelkeyser

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