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It is a true Game Changer #UsweInAfrica

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I have used a couple of different action camera mounts before while cycling, from handlebar mount, helmet mount, chest mount and mouth mount... yes mouth.

I never really used my camera much, because the mounts are either uncomfortable or unstable.

The Uswe Action Camera Harness really got me to use my action camera more frequently.

It only takes me a few seconds to switch from the standard harness to the ACH.

It is a super comfortable, yet snug fit and still. No Dancing Money!

The footage of the camera is really stable, even through rough trails.

The position of the camera also gives that ‘rider point of view’ which creates awesome footage!

It is a true Game Changer


#UsweInAfrica #GameChanger #nodancingmonkey #VivovitaSport #TeamVivoVita

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